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Welcome to the Sacred Space Goddess Circle Blog. During this year we will be working with a different Goddess and her energies each month. This blog was established to help us to connect both to the Goddesses and to each of our sister Goddesses. It's time to bring in the divine feminine. She is being born within each of us. As women we have a special ability to embody Her love and grace and anchor those energies here on earth. This love is what allows us to take in the Light and thereby create and allow the divine union of heaven and earth, love and light.

We chose 12 Goddesses to work with, one for each month of the year. These 12 are the ones that we will all focus on each month as a group for 2008. We also each chose an additional personal Goddess who will be the overarching force at work for the divine feminine in our life in the coming year. We also each chose 12 helper Goddesses, one for each month as well. And then we were given one last Goddess and she holds the key to the energies that we will unlock this year.

May your journey with the Goddesses Be Blessed.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Butterfly Maiden: Transformation

Butterfly Maiden is our Sacred Goddess for the month of February. She heralds transformation. I think we're all ready for these changes. For many it has been a long time coming, for others, it's just a matter of continuing to put one foot in front of the other. Step by step we have been creating transformation, silently, in the womb of our creative cave a lot has been transpiring. And this year many of us will come into our own.

We are creating the "ideal" woman. The really amazing thing is that we are not creating someone else's ideal woman, but our own. She is our gloriously individual creation and she is the embodiment of the Goddess. So this is not a creation to please others, although that will surely be so, but an expression of each of our own souls through the power of self love and the desire to show the world our true beauty. In this endeavor do we capture the true essence of what it is to be a woman, a Goddess, a radiant, nurturing, strong and powerful force of nature and the divine merged.

Butterfly Maiden brings us our freedom. The freedom to be who we are and most of all the freedom to make mistakes, take risks, go for it and evolve into something entirely new...maybe a way of being that we've never known before. She gives us a hint of the staggering beauty that lies dormant within and the depth and breadth of our abilities to feel and express love. This month we flex our wings and as they unfurl, we take flight!

Laurie Moriarty is leading our Butterfly Maiden Goddess Circle this month on February 13th, at Sacred Space in Bonita Springs, Florida.


aqua goddess (Laurie M) said...

February circle went well. As a woman going to the monthly goddess circle is a must, however leading the group was my own rite of passage. This was an awesome night and I am grateful to have had this opportunity to spread my butterfly wings and step into my goddess empowerment.

Thanks goddesses and see you soon.
Here's to the shedding of the cocoon.

DaHjiE27 said...

I was wondering if this might be a butterfly maiden:

and can you please tell me what is the meaning?
my friend sent me one of this and i dont know what it is..
thank you so much for answering my question.
please email me here:

Anonymous said...

I love your Butterfly Maiden image... is this your original art?