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Welcome to the Sacred Space Goddess Circle Blog. During this year we will be working with a different Goddess and her energies each month. This blog was established to help us to connect both to the Goddesses and to each of our sister Goddesses. It's time to bring in the divine feminine. She is being born within each of us. As women we have a special ability to embody Her love and grace and anchor those energies here on earth. This love is what allows us to take in the Light and thereby create and allow the divine union of heaven and earth, love and light.

We chose 12 Goddesses to work with, one for each month of the year. These 12 are the ones that we will all focus on each month as a group for 2008. We also each chose an additional personal Goddess who will be the overarching force at work for the divine feminine in our life in the coming year. We also each chose 12 helper Goddesses, one for each month as well. And then we were given one last Goddess and she holds the key to the energies that we will unlock this year.

May your journey with the Goddesses Be Blessed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anna's Aphrodite - May

At this circle, Anna lead with the Goddess Aphrodite. She spoke about the aspects of love and how to really love we must find our own equanimity or freedom without judgement. Which lead to the power animal of horse and using this energy we were blindfolded and guided around the circle, finding our own way, following our inner voice, dancing blindly to the rhythmic music, being free to express ourselves in the trusting safety of our guides. It was amazing.

What an exercise in trusting yourself as well as trusting in your guides. If you were here you would be a different person after this experience. I know I am.

Come out of your stable, run free my sister goddess. Be yourself and love (yourself) and others without limits. Thank you Anna.

with gratitude ~Laurie Lynn

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