Ideal Woman Emerging

Welcome to the Sacred Space Goddess Circle Blog. During this year we will be working with a different Goddess and her energies each month. This blog was established to help us to connect both to the Goddesses and to each of our sister Goddesses. It's time to bring in the divine feminine. She is being born within each of us. As women we have a special ability to embody Her love and grace and anchor those energies here on earth. This love is what allows us to take in the Light and thereby create and allow the divine union of heaven and earth, love and light.

We chose 12 Goddesses to work with, one for each month of the year. These 12 are the ones that we will all focus on each month as a group for 2008. We also each chose an additional personal Goddess who will be the overarching force at work for the divine feminine in our life in the coming year. We also each chose 12 helper Goddesses, one for each month as well. And then we were given one last Goddess and she holds the key to the energies that we will unlock this year.

May your journey with the Goddesses Be Blessed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anna's Aphrodite - May

At this circle, Anna lead with the Goddess Aphrodite. She spoke about the aspects of love and how to really love we must find our own equanimity or freedom without judgement. Which lead to the power animal of horse and using this energy we were blindfolded and guided around the circle, finding our own way, following our inner voice, dancing blindly to the rhythmic music, being free to express ourselves in the trusting safety of our guides. It was amazing.

What an exercise in trusting yourself as well as trusting in your guides. If you were here you would be a different person after this experience. I know I am.

Come out of your stable, run free my sister goddess. Be yourself and love (yourself) and others without limits. Thank you Anna.

with gratitude ~Laurie Lynn

Monday, April 21, 2008

Cordelia: Power

How amazing that our Goddess for the month of April is Cordelia. And how fortuitous that she is the Goddess of Beltaine or May Day (May 1st) and she will be guiding us during that time and handing us in early May into the care of Aphrodite. It's really quite amazing how in step with the energies and rythms of our universe that we are.

Cordelia, in all her fairy queen, nature deva glory brought us lavender cake and beautiful edible flowers to give us warmth and beauty at our Goddess circle. If you are what you eat, then we're going to be in full bloom very soon.

The earth holds so much bounty. Our power does come from the earth as it is reflected from above. This is where we grab on to it in the physical and make magic!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Butterfly Maiden: Transformation

Butterfly Maiden is our Sacred Goddess for the month of February. She heralds transformation. I think we're all ready for these changes. For many it has been a long time coming, for others, it's just a matter of continuing to put one foot in front of the other. Step by step we have been creating transformation, silently, in the womb of our creative cave a lot has been transpiring. And this year many of us will come into our own.

We are creating the "ideal" woman. The really amazing thing is that we are not creating someone else's ideal woman, but our own. She is our gloriously individual creation and she is the embodiment of the Goddess. So this is not a creation to please others, although that will surely be so, but an expression of each of our own souls through the power of self love and the desire to show the world our true beauty. In this endeavor do we capture the true essence of what it is to be a woman, a Goddess, a radiant, nurturing, strong and powerful force of nature and the divine merged.

Butterfly Maiden brings us our freedom. The freedom to be who we are and most of all the freedom to make mistakes, take risks, go for it and evolve into something entirely new...maybe a way of being that we've never known before. She gives us a hint of the staggering beauty that lies dormant within and the depth and breadth of our abilities to feel and express love. This month we flex our wings and as they unfurl, we take flight!

Laurie Moriarty is leading our Butterfly Maiden Goddess Circle this month on February 13th, at Sacred Space in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene: Divine Mother

I had the extreme blessing to attend a lecture by one of my greatest teachers, whom I have only "met" through her books, Caroline Myss. This woman's work has had a profound affect on my spiritual development and my life's work. I am in awe that mere words on a page have been powerful enough to create shifts in my soul. But somehow, her teachings and books had come into my life with such synchronicity, that I felt a deep personal connection to her. And I suppose that is the hallmark of a gifted writer and pioneer in her field, a wordsmith whose love to unveil the mysteries and communicate them through the written word is a passion and a divine mission.

The way that I came to see Caroline Myss was one of absolute divine intervention. A beautiful woman, a true soul sister, whom I had just collided with asked me if I wanted to go. I had thought I had missed it. The next thing I know, she emails me that she just purchased tickets numbered 489 and 490 (out of 500 available seats) and we were going! I knew this was going to be momentous. And it was.

Caroline's talk was brilliant, but what happened for me in her presence was nothing less than spectacular. Caroline has become a direct channel for Saint Theresa of Avila, a 16th century carmelite nun. I'm not usually such a groupie, because I am well aware of the magnificence that is everywhere and within everyone, but Caroline's presence was absolutely breathtaking. She was channeling pure grace. Holy Spirit was all around her. The building was filled with it as thick as fog.

Then something totally unexpected happened. As she moved away from the podium, I saw her crown chakra explode into a ring...or could it be a halo? Yes, it was just like a halo, with a fountain of energy bursting like mini fireworks right through its center and then another halo emerged above that one! I could hardly believe my eyes and I was riveted, not wanting to move as I wanted to keep looking to be sure of what I was seeing. Yet, truly there was no doubt.

It was the most powerful moment of "sight" that I have ever had. And then about a minute later, she was surrounded by 2 entities. St. Theresa was in the house. I sat with baited breath, not wanting to break the spell, but dying to find out if my friend could see this, too. But not so much really needing validation, as wanting to share this amazing experience.

At the end of the lecture, Caroline performed a healing on us. It was beautiful and what I asked for has already manifested. We definitely "Entered the Castle". As we were leaving there was a room filled with all of Caroline's books, cards, and CD's. It was mostly her merchandise, however, there was one other table that had a few other works, one of which was, The Gospel of Mary Magdelene. Ah...the synchronicity bell went off in my head, as The Magdalene is working directly with us this month. I, of course, bought the book.

Upon returning home over the next several days I began to read The Gospel of Mary Magdalene by Jean-Yves LeLoup. And it was in that book that I received more profound information about my experience with Caroline. Oh these webs that we weave!

As it were, the book clarifies many myths about the Magdalene and sheds light on who she truly was and what she embodied. As the favored disciple of Christ, the only one of them present at his death and the only one able to "see" him after he resurrected, Mary is the very embodiment of the divine feminine principal. For it would seem that through her work with Christ she had raised her consciousness and brought in the Light of the father to channel divine energies, just as Christ and the other apostles had done. Additionally, it would seem that Mary Magdelene, empowered by her intense love for Christ and his word, had opened her ability to access her intuititive third eye. Mary was as open as a lotus to what was unimaginable to others. She could see across the veil. This was an ability, it would seem, that the other apostles apparently did not possess.

Mary Magdalene was a channeler of divine energy, agape, grace, life force, Holy Spirit. And she was a medium and a psychic, as well as an annointer and an exorcist. In modern day terms, she might be known as an energy healer or just plain "healer". Her doctrine reveals the anatomy of the spirit in a way that every energy healer should relate to: Body (soma) - Soul (psyche) - Spirit (Nous) - Spirit (Pneuma). No wonder they wanted to shut her down! The world wasn't ready for her. But she anchored the energy anyway. As did the women after her, who died in inquisitions at the hands of those who sought to hide the power of the divine feminine within.

Mary Magdalene embodies the Divine Mother, the beautiful feminine within us all that remains hidden or stuffed away. It's that part of us that speaks most intimately with our soul, that part that receives the most clear guidance from Spirit. But she can never be gone from us completely, for she is who we are. Yet until we let her in, we will be as motherless children, longing for comfort, nurturing and pure, unconditional love and those longings will be unrequited.

Mary Magdalene is the anchor of the divine feminine principal - Goddess, just as Christ anchored the unconditional love of God here on earth. These were human beings anchoring love and light on the planet. They were and continue to be healers and teachers of a magnitude that we are only barely able to take into our souls. The day that we do have a deeper understanding of this, is the day that we understand what they have shown us about ourselves.

Jesus said, "You will do greater things than me." Greater things than a master healer? Greater things than becoming resurrected and immortal? Most of us are asking how to top that. And so I conclude that in that simple message, we miss the point. Because all of these metaphysical miracles weren't just what I believe he was referring to. For him, those things were business as usual. I believe that he was referring to the journey of the soul, and our creative abilities to be one with love, true unconditional and endless, eternal and immortal. It is my prayer that women and men continue to raise consciousness, opening to divinity, accessing those secret places within that lead to divine union with the self and then with another. It's time to honor both our Father and our Mother.

Due to illness I missed the Magdalene Goddess Circle. I have probably missed only a handful of circles in 3 years! But I know that everything is perfect. I heard all about it and how wonderful it was as it was lead by one of the women in the circle, Caroline. When I heard this I just had to smile. It would seem that the "Caroline's" were working their magic this January. Hopefully our Caroline will post some of what she covered in the circle. And so it would seem all is as it should be, for if I hadn't missed the circle, I don't think the importance of starting this blog would have impressed on me as heavily. So thank you Caroline, and thank you Caroline, and thank you Mary Magdalene. I have certainly been one with your spirits this month.